Volume 1 No.5
Opioid Dependence
Have painkillers become a part of your life?  Even prescription drugs taken as prescribed, can become addictive if there are other issues involved. 

The following are some opiods that can lead to dependence:  Codeine (eg. Tylenol 3); Fentanyl (eg. Duragesic, Actiq); Hydrocodone (eg. Vicodin, Lorcet); Meperidine(eg. Demerol); Morphine (eg. MS Contin, Avinza); Oxycodone (eg. OxyContin, Percodan, Percocet); Propoxyphene (eg. Darvon).  No one sets out to become dependent.

Today, millions of people are using pain relievers non-medically.  For them, opioids provide temporary relief by triggering the brain into a state of well being.  Emotional issues seem at the time to be relieved.  In actuality, continued use of the opioids leads to dependence and further emotional issues. 

In order for one to regain control of their life again, professional counseling along with medical treatment is vital. 

Counseling and medical treatment is available in the privacy of an office setting.

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