Volume 1 No.2
Inhalent Facts
Inhalents are chemicals that are breathed in and produce mind and mood-altering effects.  They are classified as: solvents, aerosols, or propellants.  When inhaled the fumes take away the body's ability to obsorb oxygen.  These inhalents are primarily used by adolescents and preadolescents.  Reasons why they use these products: readily available; inexpensive; tend to be legal; are packaged compactly; works quickly;does not last too long;hangover not as bad as most drugs.  Possible reasons why this population would inhale these toxic fumes: someone told them it makes life more fun; upset about something; having trouble with parents, teachers, friends, etc., bored; doing it on a dare.

Inhalents are considered one of the most dangerous forms of drug use; there are immediate and long-term effects.  Effects depend on inhalent used: effects on central nervous system is depression; initial use may cause nausea and vomiting.  Further inhalation results in progressive depression, disorientation, and confusion.  Use will result in: decreased inhibitions; increased impulsiveness; and a sense of invulnerability, as well as: headaches; stomach-aches; tingling sensation in hands and feet; dizziness; runny nose and redness; loss of smell; apathy.  Other results of use: stupor; seizure; cardiac/respiratory arrest; may exhibit abusive and violent behavior; susceptible individuals may have visual and auditory hallucinations; and a high risk of sudden deathfrom inhalents, known as SSD or Sudden Sniffing Death.  Bone marrow damage; unusual weight loss; impaired vision; muscle paralysis; loss of memory; and inability to think clearly; can happen with long term use.  Fat components in the brain is lost and the brain cells die. 
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