Volume 1 No.6
The Many Faces of Addiction
The faces of addiction is growing as our environment and society changes.  As with the more familiar addictions , these too change the lives of those they touch.

Substance abuse/misuse among older adults/geriatric population -  Adults 60 years and older with alcohol and prescription drug abuse, is one of the fastest growing health problems.  

Shopping Addiction - When this population feels negative emotions they believe shopping will alleviate this feeling.  In actuality, it can put a serious strain on the shopper’s finances and impact their environment.

Trauma, Substance Abuse and the Female Population -  A very high percentage of women who have had a traumatic experience become substance abusers.  Trauma, mental health, and substance abuse can go hand-in-hand.

Addiction of Overworking - When a person’s job becomes the center of his/her life at the expense of family, loved ones, and self, this is a time for concern.

Alcohol/Drug Impaired Drivers - This is a hard core population; despite steps taken to help them, this population continues to drive under the influence in spite of the various consequences facing them.

Mood Disorders and Substance Dependency - People that have mood disorders such as: depression, bi-polar, and dsythmia, may self-medicate themselves and in the process eventually become addicted to their choice of substance.

Video Game Addiction - “Video game addiction, also called video game overuse, is a proposed form of psychological addiction composed of a compulsive use of computer and video games…… Instances have been reported in which users play compulsively, isolating themselves from social contact and focusing entirely on in-game achievements rather than life events……..In its official statement on June 25, 2007, the APA said it “Does not consider  “video game addiction” to be a mental disorder at this time,” but it did not rule out the possibility that such a diagnosis could be confirmed by 2012.”
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) 

All of these addictions presented here and others not cited, affect the body, mind, and spirit of those that are afflicted; family and loved ones are also affected.  Counseling can help bring a healthy balance into the lives of the afflicted and those that love them.
Don’t let the fear of fear stop you from reaching out for help
“Minds are like parachutes----they won't work unless they're open.”
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