Volume 1 No.3
Some Basics You Should Know About Depression
What is depression?  Depression is a mood disorder that affects a person’s mental health as well as physical health.

What are some of the causes of depression?  Some causes are: brain chemistry; positive or negative life changes; abusive amounts of alcohol; illegal drugs; medications; illnesses; and family history.

What are the types of depression?  There is: major depression, which can last for months; SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder; dysthymia, which is a chronic mild state of depression that can go on for years; and the lows in Bipolar Disorder

What are some symptoms or red flags of depression? They are:  loss of interest/pleasure in activities once enjoyed; change in weight/appetite; sleep disturbances; loss of concentration; fatigue; excessive crying; hopelessness; neglecting responsibilities; loss of sexual drive; avoidance of people; abuse of alcohol; thoughts of suicide.

How can one help relieve depression?  GET PROFESSIONAL HELP; break down large tasks into smaller ones; get emotional support; proper diet; exercise; dispute irrational thoughts; call on your Higher Power.

Don’t let the fear of fear stop you from reaching out for help
“Everyone can afford to give away a smile.”
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