Volume 1 No.7
Hypnosis, Why?
A patient  walks into a therapist’s office and asks: “Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?”  The therapist smiles and asks: “ Do you want to?”  “No,” replies the patient.  “Then you won’t”

Once this myth is shattered, the therapist then proceeds to debunk some of the other myths of hypnosis and discusses with the patient the true facts concerning the mystique of hypnosis; hoping to both enlighten and ease any reservations the patient may have.  The educational part of the session can be similar to this:  Hypnosis is a temporary state of altered awareness in which the conscious mind is passive and the sub-conscious is alert and responsive.  In this state a person becomes hyper-suggestible and is able to carry out suggested actions beyond their capabilities.  It is a tool to promote accelerated positive change.  It is safe and nearly everyone can experience some degree of hypnosis.  The therapist will neither dominate nor make anyone do or say anything against their will.  In 1958 hypnosis became an accepted practice by the American Medical Association.

Hypnosis, why?  It can be summed up in two words:  IT WORKS.   Results however, can vary from person to person.  The following is a list of some of the many problems that hypnosis can help:

<>  Can be used before or after surgery for a more positive recovery
<>  Pain management
<>  Help to replace bad habits with healthy ones
<>  Reduces stress levels
<>  Stop smoking - It is a safe alternative to the patches and medications that can cause serious side effects
<>  Insomnia
<>  Weight control - (using counseling and hypnosis together) The problem is not usually the diet as long
       as it is a healthy one but adhering to it; being in control with less stress
<>  Ease symptoms of asthma
<>  Reduce anxiety
<>  Eliminate/decrease phobias - while phobias/fears are not uncommon they do not have to control your life
<>  Focus/improve athletic performance
<>  Grief/loss - There are many suggestions out there to help you cope with grief.  In most cases
      the grieving person will get through it in a normal manner.  There is knowing and doing; when
      you are stuck and are unable to act, there is help
<>  Depression
<>  Trauma
<>  Reduce PMS symptoms
<>  Addictions - can lift the denial veil; can help remove symptoms of withdrawal; and
      strengthen commitment to sobriety
<>  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Hypnosis, why?  It is a tool to uncover that which could not be uncovered through conventional means. 

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