Volume 1 No.1
Perhaps you have  heard those names before, but what do they mean?  To self: harm/injure/abuse/mutilate, means a deliberate act upon oneself using one or more various tools as an unhealthy coping mechanism for overwhelming or perceived overwhelming emotions and situations.  They would rather opt for physical pain rather than their emotional pain.  It is used by children, adolescents, and adults, both male and female.  There are many reasons for their actions such as: anxiety; breakdown of the family; depression; abuse; suppressed emotions; a feeling of emptiness.  They may, for example: cut, scratch, burn, or hit themselves and/or run themselves into a hard object such as a wall. Cutting is the most used form and those who cut, usually try to conceal their activity by wearing long sleeved shirts and/or pants that are long enough to  cover their scars . Although they are not considered suicidal there are sometimes tragedies in the form of medical complications and even death..   Although they may not feel the pain while inflicting themselves, they will have to deal with this physical pain afterwards. These actions should be taken seriously by both friends and family using compassion while getting them the needed help. Dealing with their feelings without medicating themselves in the above fashion is highly suggested.  Counseling can help achieve this objective.
Don’t let the fear of fear stop you from reaching out for help
“Everything  I need I get; and when I get what I need I invariably find that it was just what I wanted all the time.”
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