Forever A Couple
Pre-Marital Workshop

In today’s turbulent and fast paced changing
world, the thought of a relationship, romance,
and marriage, has become a confusing and scary
step to take.  Many couples who were deeply in
love have had their marriage torn apart when
issues they were not prepared for had arisen.  
Through positive communication and conflict
resolution skills, couples can learn to weather
the storms of life and marriage.  Budgeting,
financial responsibility, family, children, and
moral and ethical beliefs are some of the many
topics covered in the workshop.  A relationship
educated couple, is a couple that is equipped for
a marriage of a lifetime.
Workshop A  

Couples completing this 8 hour workshop will
receive a rebate certificate qualifying them for a
$60 discount on their state of Texas marriage
license and a waiver of the 72 hour waiting
period to be married.
This course consists of a full day marriage
preparation workshop held on  Saturdays
Call for a schedule of time and dates:
Workshop B  

Couples completing this 4 hour workshop will
receive a marriage counseling certificate.
Call for more details, a schedule of times and dates:
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