Single and Over 40

Which singles’ group do you identify with?
                     Never married
                     Single parent

Each of these groups is unique and yet very similar. Singles are on a journey to find self and place in this world.  Meanings, morals, values, and relationships are an integral part of this search.  And then there is love; each single adult wants to give and be at the receiving end of love.  A healthy love can see a person through the pressures of life.

Everything  that one “wants” is not necessarily what one truly “needs“.  However, relationships, fall into both categories of “need” and “want“.  How does one have that healthy relationship?  It all starts with “you”.  Think of yourself as a company.  Every company has a mission statement used as a compass to help keep them on track.  What is your mission statement, your compass for your own life?  What matters most to you?  What are your motives?  How are you going to achieve these goals?  What are your personal emotional assets and debits?  What obstacles are on your pathway to emotional happiness? 

Establishing a healthy identity and sense of self-worth is important for a healthy you and a healthy  relationship.

Reflect on your personal pain history.  Are you carrying personal pain from the past which is interfering with the present?  What baggage are you still hanging onto?  If you have not dealt with past issues they are still there to haunt you and to give you grieve at a moment’s notice.  Are you the victim of wearing many masks to hide behind?  Some masks may be helpful but others may do more harm than good.

If we do the same old things in the same old ways,  we surely will get the same old results.

Being single and over forty should not be depressing or unnerving.  We all need to find the pathway to our inner happiness.  Sometimes we need a little help in doing this.  Through coaching and counseling, “together we can”.
Single And Over 40 Group
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