Divorced Dads
Dads are an important part of a childís life.  They shape the personality and values of their children through the interaction, morals and type of role model they project. 

Are you a divorced dad that is trying to connect with your children but running into difficulty? 

Are you dealing with:
1. The X - The mother of your children

2.  Relationship with a second family
     The new kids

3.  The new dad on the scene
      Who is in charge?

4.  Dadís new girlfriend/Momís new boyfriend
      What kind of message are we sending?

5.  Dealing with discipline
      How should I handle this?

6.  Holidays
     Celebrating Motherís Day
      Valentineís Day

7.  The new technology - THE ON LINE SAVVY DAD
      Cell phones

8.  Dad and spending time activities
      School events
      Camping, hiking, fishing, letís go somewhere

9.  Dealing with your teen
      Drugs and alcohol
      Dating and sex
      Peer pressure

10. Sons and Daughters
       Keeping the peace
       Just talking
       The new boy/girl I like
Are these some of the seemingly impossible issues that you face  as a divorced dad?

At Umbrella Counseling we can help work through these issues.

ďTogether we canÖ.ď.  You are not alone.  Letís talk.
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